Monday, November 11, 2013

Wake Up Grateful!

Last week I had the unique honor of being present at a private event for the Navy Seals Foundation with special guest speaker Jessica Buchanan, the American Aid kidnapped by Somali Pirates and rescued by a unit of Team Six. Her story was compelling and we all held our breath as she shared every detail. So many thoughts and things to share about that evening. For now, these two. First, THANK YOU! Thank you to all who serve and put their lives on the line for us as American citizens and risk their own because they believe in what we stand for as a country. Thank you to all of you who serve in the armed forces. It is EVERY day that we are grateful, not just today. Second, remember that YOU MATTER! There was a moment when Jessica Buchanan really thought that no one was coming, that she was insignificant in the broad scope of all else that was happening in the world and the US. But Jessica DID matter and Team Six DID show up and now she has a beautiful son and shares her story all over. And her story touched me and has made me think, and appreciate, and have hope and be so so grateful to be an American Citizen....especially an American Woman. If nothing else, know that you matter. If what you do affects just one person in a positive way, the ripple affect can be enormous. And the truth is, enormous or small, you may never even know. Surely Jessica Buchanan is not reading this blog but her courage to speak and tell her story reached me and this entry is reaching you and that might inspire something else. You get the picture. While the Navy Seals may not be coming to your rescue, YOU can come to your own rescue. Wake up grateful. Grateful for something. Grateful for anything. Gratitude multiplies the blessings in our life. Well actually, the blessings are all there, gratitude opens the door to see them all. So, Thank You on this Veterans Day to all who serve. We are so blessed.

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